Access, usage, and filesystem layout on the PPPL cluster

Access and usage policies
  1. The PPPL cluster is only accessible from within the PPPL network.
  2. All hosts, except for portal, are no-login machines, reserved for batch job processing. You cannot ssh to any individual host from outside the cluster.
  3. You can ssh to and be placed onto a host in a small pool of interactive hosts. From there, you can view files resident on batch-only hosts (see filesystem information below).
  4. telnet and rsh are disabled.
  5. ftp into any cluster node is disabled -- use scp.
  6. ftp from cluster nodes is enabled.
Filesystem layout and automounting of directories
  1. The filesystems /u, /p, and /l are accessible on each node of the cluster and have read and write access. /u is for user home directories (for example, /u/wgrendel), /p is for project directories (for example, /p/gyro), and /l is for the /local directory resident on each cluster node (for example /l/dawson001 is the /local on node dawson001).
  2. The systems in have also mounted every local filesystem from every batch-only node in the cluster. The path is /l/<node>. For example, to see the files of the /local filesystem on dawson032, you would cd to the directory /l/dawson032.
  3. All remote filesystems are mounted using the automount(8) daemon. Thus, the filesystem only becomes available when a user cds into a directory. For example, if you cd to /p, you might see only a few directories, but if you then cd to the directory you want to access, it will be automatically mounted for you.