This is a Guide to using GLOBUS ONLINE at PPPL to transfer your files to/from other trusted sites:

The first steps (snapshots 1-4 below) involve going to the Globus Web site and creating an account.

Get a Globus account at

Or Login if you already have an account -- Under Quick Links OR Manage Data select Transfer Files



Select a target NERSC node (endpoint) and provide your NERSC username and password.
(NERSC nodes are currently nersc#dtn and nersc#edison)

Select a PPPL endpoint pppl#pppl-globus1 or pppl#pppl-globus2 and login using your PPPL username and password

Currently only project disks are setup for read and write in globus.
Select the p folder and add your project name to the /~/p/ default directory.

For examples if pies is the project the defualt directory would be /~/p/pies

Then select the go button.
Your project files will appear in the file/directory window list.

After your home directory file and directory list appears in both windows your ready to select files or directories to transfer.

Select the file/folder and then you click the big blue arrow to start the transfer!!!

The screen shots below show the process of selecting the endpoints, displaying and selecting the files and the result after the transfer!!!

You will get a email when the transfer completes.

You can also monitor the transfer if you like using the activity tab.