Limits enforced by the Slurm Scheduler

The table below lists the partitions (queues) that are configured in our slurm scheduler, along with the applicable limits for those partitions. Please note the partition for the GPU nodes is not active, pending the upgrade of the operating system on those nodes to CentOS 6. The data below is current as of April 25, 2017.

Partition Name Time Limit (DD-HH:MM:SS) MaxTRES MaxTRESPU MaxJobsPU MinTRES
dawson 8-08:00:00 cpu=512 30 cpu=5
ellis 8-08:00:00 cpu=4,node=1 cpu=80 45
fenx 30-00:00:0 cpu=40,node=16 cpu=40,node=16
fielder 30-00:00:0 cpu=512,node=96 cpu=96,node=12
gque 8-08:00:00 cpu=32,node=1
jassby 30-00:00:0 cpu=96,node=6 cpu=96,node=6
kruskal 8-08:00:00 cpu=512 cpu=512,node=32 8
mccune 3-08:00:00 cpu=256 cpu=256
mque 8-08:00:00 cpu=64,node=1 2
sque 8-08:00:00 cpu=512,node=100